DENIRA S by De Niro x World Cup I

Denira S von De Niro

born: 1999-04-19
died: 2021-07-11
Color: Liver Chestnut
Breeding area: Hanover
Breeder: Family Meyer, Brackel-Germany
Owner: Silke Kuhlenkamp, Rietberg-Germany

Abstammungstafel Denira S von De Niro x World Cup I

2021 – colt from For Romance I OLD
2020 colt from For Romance I OLD
2019 colt from von Millenium
2018 colt from Fürstenball
2017 – colt from Fürstenball
2016 – filly from Fürstenball
2015 – filly from Fürstenball
2012 – colt from San Amour
2011 – colt from San Amour
2010 – filly from San Amour
2009 – filly from Soliman de Hus
2008 – colt from Lanciano
2007 – filly from Lanciano
2006 – filly from Sandro Hit
2005 – colt from Sandro Hit  

Denira by De Niro is a chocolat chestnut mare with outstanding basic gaits, which she passes on to her offspring without “ifs and buts”. She has given us fifteen top foals in a row so far. Her offspring Sarajevo by San Amour is 2021 placed at PSG Inter I with an amateur rider in USA. Denira descends from the successful family “Pia” like the stallion La Vie from Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen and of the Vice European Team Champion 2005 and meanwhile Grand Prix horse Waterwold under Bastian Konzag and the advanced (S) level dressage horse Alaska 72. The line can be traced back 15 and 16 more generations. The granddam, a mare by World Cup I, was presented very successfully at shows:
In 1978 she took 1st place at the mare show Roydorf.
In 1979 she was awarded the Ia Prize and the State Premium. She then competed at the Rathje-Nieburh show and was awarded the Ib premium. She qualified for the Bundesstutenschau and received the If Premium there.
In 1980 she received the Ia prize and was awarded as the best mare of the show.
In 1981 she repeated this top result and was awarded the If premium at the district show.
In 1982 she was again awarded the Ia prize.
1983 – 1985 she was successfully used in sport.we bought Denira directly from the breeder in 2003. In 2004 she was bred to Sandro Hit.

  • In January 2005 we got a colt “Sambo”. A colt with a dark jacket and top gaits. He was sold to a stallion breeder in the Rhineland.
  • In 2006 we got a filly. “Sarajevo” impressed with her outstanding movements and her picture perfect face. She was accepted for auction and sold to Luxembourg. There she was raised and passed an outstanding mare performance test with the score of 8,15. In the fall of 2009, she was sold to the USA via the Elite Riding Horse Auction in Münster-Handorf under the name “Schmuckstück”. Carol Robertson trains young horses there up to Grand Prix level and was looking for a quality young horse at the auction. Her Showname is Sarajevo and she is actuelly placed 2021 PSG Inter I in USA.
  • In 2007 “Luzie” was born. A breeder who visited us bought her immediately.
  • 2008 we got “Luigi”. A stallion type like from the picture book. He was sold to Austria via the St. Ludwig Stud, where his sire Lanciano has also been a star sire for years.
  • Siwa” was born in 2009. She was one of the first foals of the Hanoverian Champion Stallion Soliman de Hus. Inquiries came from the USA, Denmark, France, Norway and Germany. We eventually sold her to customers from Norway who wanted to further her sporting career.
  • In 2010 Denira gave us “Splendid in Black”. A black filly that left no wishes unfulfilled and knew how to set the scene with a super round at the German Foal Championships in Lienen. She got a great home in the USA and was starting Level M in 2020
  • In 2011 she got a black colt by San Amour. “Smokey” is a stallion prospect you couldn’t ask for nicer.
  • In 2012 she gave us another black colt by San Amour. As soon as “Soulmate K” starts moving, he puts a smile on his viewer’s face. He is 2020 under saddle of a Para-Olympic-Rider on France.
  • In 2015 we got a dream filly by Fürstenball. “Fürstin Felina” black, beautiful and noble.
  • In 2016 Denira gave us another black filly by Fürstenball. “Florentina S” was rated 9.5 for type at the German Foal Championships.
  • In 2017 we were happy to receive a strong moving colt by Fürstenball “Fernando”.
  • 2018 Denira got a typical black colt by Fürstenball “Franziskus” – noble and a real type. 2021 und saddle in Sweden
  • In 2019 Denira got an expressive black colt by Millenium.
  • 2020 Denira gave us a black colt by For Romance I – he is together with Millenium in best stallion breeding hands
  • 2021 We are proud to get a liver chestnut colt by For Romance I – he is a real heartbreaker

De Niro: An exceptional stallion of superlatives! More than 100 licensed stallions descend from De Niro. His offspring are sought after everywhere and always successful. In the De Niro story you can read more about this successful stallion:

  • In 2020, De Niro‘s daughter Daylight is awarded Hanoverian Mare of the Year in Verden.
  • In 2019, his offspring continue to be successful at licensings and tournaments. His daughters and granddaughters become more and more influential.
  • In 2018, for the sixt time De Niro stands at the top of the worlds best dressage stallions. The overall amount of prize value of De Niro‘s descendants reached 3,000,000 Euros.
  • In 2017, we had to let De Niro pass away. For the fifth time he was awarded Best Dressage Stallion of the World.
  • In 2016, Desperados and Kristina Bröring-Sprehe won the individual Bronze medal and the team Gold medal at the Olympic games in Rio. For the fourth time, De Niro stands at the top of the worlds best dressage stallions.
  • In 2015, Desperados with Kristina Bröring-Sprehe and Delgado with Beatriz Ferrer-Salat won Silver and Bronze at the European Championships in Aachen. By a wide margin, De Niro is the worlds best dressage stallion again.
  • In 2014, the German Dressage Team including Desperados and rider Kristina Sprehe and D‘Agostino with rider Fabienne Lütkemeier won the Team Gold Medal at the World Equestrian Championships in Normandy. The overall amount of prize value of De Niro‘s descendants in Germany reached more than 2,400,000 Euros.
  • In 2013, De Niro confirmed his status as best dressage stallion of the world. The German dressage team with Desperados and D‘Agostino won the Gold Medal at the European Championships in Herning. The stallion by De Niro – Rosario, bred by Josef Greten, became champion stallion of the licensing in Oldenburg and was sold for sensational 910,000 Euros to the Danish Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand.
  • In 2012, De Niro is ranked first in the ranking of the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses. Therefore he is the best dressage stallion of the world.
  • In 2011, the descendants of De Niro won a total amount of more than 230,000 Euros. The overall amount of prize value of his descendants reached more than 1,000,000 Euros.
  • In 2010, De Niro was awarded place five of the World Breeding Federation for Sporthorses with 10 internationally successful offspring at Grand Prix-level. His son Dablino won the Team Bronze Medal with rider Anabel Balkenhol in Kentucky at the world championships. Desperados by De Niro and his rider Falk Rosenbauer won the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg.
  • In 2009, De Niro provided two European champions as well as Dablino, the most successful Grand Prix newcomer.
  • In 2008, De Niro was honoured by the Hanoverian Society with the title “Stallion of the Year”.
  • In 2007, De Niro’s son Deveraux became World Champion of the six-year-old dressage horses in Verden. Several of De Niro’s offspring have been victorious in Grand Prix dressage competitions.
  • In 2006, with 14 descendants at the German Young Horses Championships, De Niro provided the largest contingent.
  • In 2005, De Niro was dam sire of the champion stallion in Verden.
  • In 2004, De Niro provided the champion stallion Dancier at the licensing in Verden, following two vice champions in previous years.
  • In 2003, he was the winner of the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg.
  • In 2002, he won international Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special dressage tests in Saumur and Berlin.
  • In 2001, he won the German Championships of Professional Riders with his rider Dolf-Dietram Keller.
  • In 2000, he won Grand Prix dressage tests at the age of seven.
  • In 1997, De Niro was vice champion of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with a score of 141.93 points and champion of rideability with a score of 145.41 points.
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